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Kx cartridge system

Kx cartridge system
Kreislaufsystem Kx

Cartridge system Kx: Simplified, safe lubricant handling

Central lubricating systems are often installed in places that are difficult to access or only accessible to a limited extent. This makes refilling the lubricant container a special challenge. Filling is often a messy affair, not least due to the restricted accessibility and limited space available.

Grease and oil residue collect on the outside of the container, leading to an unsightly appearance and becoming a magnet for dirt and dust.

In addition to visual impact, incorrect or sloppy filling can also lead to functional problems with the entire central lubrication system, causing it to fail.

An overview of the advantages:

  • Bubble-free filling of NLGI Class 0 to 2
  • Max. filling volume 5,600 ml
  • Filling in part quantities possible
  • Closed container: minimum risk of contamination by dirt
  • Simple handling
  • Minimum residual volume of less than 1%
  • Customer-specific filling of all lubricants possible
  • Re-usable
  • No design effort for new pump and no new purchase necessary thanks to re-use

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