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Corporate mission statement

Corporate mission statement

Our corporate mission statement

As a medium-sized, fourth generation family-owned company with a very long tradition, we are confronted with new challenges and opportunities every day.

Profitable action is the basis for securing and further developing the company and the existing jobs. Our goal is to meet our customers' expectations in terms of quality and delivery reliability. Reliability and constant availability of parts are our incentive. We are not immune to the changing times. Continuous adaptations of our processes and the use of modern technology secure us the orders of tomorrow.

Quality in our consulting, fast quotation, flexibility, special delivery methods, service, competence and much more, these are the terms which are more and more included in the evaluation of "company quality".

Quality policy

The EUGEN WOERNER GmbH & Co. KG manufactures components and complete central lubrication systems according to customer specifications, assembles them on site at the Wertheim location and also provides service for these systems. The top priority in order processing is to achieve high-quality products.

Each of our employees and representatives is part of the WOERNER family, so that we can offer our service and products to our customers worldwide at the best possible conditions.

To achieve this, it is necessary to put our technical know-how at the customer's disposal and to meet the customer's requirements at all levels according to the goals of

- the improvement of quality

- adherence to delivery dates

- optimal service


Our quality management system ensures that risks that may affect the conformity of our products with the applicable requirements are identified, assessed and managed.

Together with our partners and representatives around the world, we have the ability to serve and advise customers around the globe. Very many of these partnerships have been in place for many years and so we have all grown together to form one big family.

Leadership in dialog

We regard our employees as essential guarantors of our success. There is no such thing as an unimportant or inferior job. Every employee is of great importance to us. We take all necessary measures to protect their health. Furthermore, we are committed to equal opportunities for women and men.

Our organization is characterized by flat hierarchies and open dialog between staff and management.

Our managers are constantly called upon to promote creativity, quality awareness, flexibility and the willingness to perform on the part of our employees.

Customers and suppliers: Our partners in the market

We see ourselves as partners to both our customers and our suppliers. These partnerships, some of which have existed for decades, must be nurtured just as much as those that are only just emerging.

Trust, fairness and respect for all parties is what we prescribe for ourselves. Satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain is our incentive. A solid business relationship results in lasting corporate success.

Should disagreements arise, for whatever reason, we consider it our duty to resolve the conflict by mutual agreement with all parties involved.

We look for our suppliers in free competition. Quality, price and reliability decide on the business relationship.


The sustainable and purposeful use of non-renewable resources and the protection of our environment are important concerns for us. From separating waste materials and disposing of them correctly, switching from previous materials for manufacturing and packaging to more sustainable ones, through our supply chains and the final transport of goods to our customers - all this contributes to making our footprint more generationally just. Because, like everyone, we work for the next generations.

Every employee ensures that the health and integrity of the workforce are inviolable values in the manufacture of our products and that, in addition, responsibility for a livable environment is never ignored.

Social responsibility

We are committed to the Wertheim site and thus to Germany as a business location. We are committed to the principles of fair competition. We invest in our location so that it remains future-proof.

We are aware of our social responsibility not only to our employees but also to our region.

Corporate mission statement in transition

The mission statement of EUGEN WOERNER GmbH & Co. KG is intended to serve as a guideline for everyday work. It represents a dynamic process that also changes on a daily basis.

We aim to celebrate our 100th anniversary in world history at the end of 2022. This also testifies to the fact that we are on the right track with our philosophy. We are continuing with it. For us. For customers and our suppliers, and very importantly, for our employees.

Here's to good cooperation and in the name of the entire worldwide WOERNER family.


Wertheim, 12/15/2021

Alexander Kärcher

Managing Director


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