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You will find different types of pumps for various lubrication applications with different drives.

Product Categories:
Multi-Line Lubrication Pumps
Compact- & Cartridge Pumps
Single-Line Pumps - & Aggregates
Dual-Line Pumps
Drum Pumps
Gear Pumps
Manual Pumps

WOERNER pumps examples


WOERNER distributors meter and distribute different lubricants with a high degree of precision to different lubrication points.

Product Categories:
Progressive Distributors
Single-Line Distributors
Dual-Line Distributors
Volumetric Flow Dividers
Oil-Air Distributors

WOERNER Distributor examples

Level Switches, Temperature Switches & Volume Flow Measurement Devices

Spray- & Jet Lubricators

WOERNER spray and jet equipment is used to supply lubricant to moving lubrication points or for large-area application of lubricant.

Product Categories:
Jet Lubricators
Spray Nozzles
Spray Units

Oil-Air Devices

WOERNER Oil-air units transport and meter medium in oil-air lines

Product Categories:
Oil-Air Units
Oil-Air Distributors

WOERNER Oil-Air Devices examples

System Technology

WOERNER also offers a large selection of different units to supply centralised lubrication systems.

Product Categories:
Compact Power units
Sealing Pressure Units
Hydraulic Test Benches
Large Power Units
Customised Lubrication Solutions

Control- & Monitoring Devices

WOERNER offer a large choice of control and monitoring units, from self-sufficient stand alone systems to complex interlinked systems.

Product Categories:
Control Units
Monitoring Units

Lubrication System Accessories

WOERNER offers an extensive range of accessories for centralised lubrication systems.

Product Categories:
Reservoirs & Filters
Tubes & Hoses
Pressure Relief Valves
Assembly Equipment
Pressure Gauges & Switches
Pneumatic Accessories

WOERNER System accessories

System Technology

Apart from different components for centralised lubrication systems, WOERNER also offers a large selection of different units to supply centralised lubrication systems.

They extend from small units with a standard design to sealing pressure units for the chemical industry, for instance, to customised large-scale units with a capacity of several thousand litres.

Industry Solutions

WOERNER products are instrumental in significantly lengthening the service life and efficiency of your machines, whilst lowering the input costs appreciably. Exact demand-led metering reduces lubricant usage and thus helps to protect the environment. At WOERNER, we use our knowledge and expertise coupled with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies to develop and produce high-quality lubrication systems.

The company

Since 1922 we have been developing and producing products which minimize friction and wear in machines. WOERNER - Products increase the economic life-time and cut the running costs of machines considerably. Little losses in friction and the effective and economized use of lubricants improve the environmental friendliness by optimising resources and the use of energy.

Your career with WOERNER

For now 100 years, WOERNER has been a successful provider of centralised lubrication systems – a name synonymous with quality and customised solutions. We offer our employees attractive positions in a technically demanding environment within a renowned company.
As a family-owned company, now in its fourth generation, we promote a team-orientated corporate culture with short decision-making channels.

Company News & New Products

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