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WOERNER Media Centre


WOERNER Media Centre

Welcome to the WOERNER Media Centre! In this area we would like to introduce you to our products by means of videos. The videos explain the function of our products and systems, show how to modify devices and give instructions on how to proceed with WOERNER original spare parts in the event of repairs.

Our new GMK-B Piston Pump

During the development of the GMK-B pump we have made some changes and improvements:

- Simplified setup → optimized venting behavior
- Increased service life
- Complete revision of the check valve cartridges
- Modification of the check valve cartridges with G1/8 thread

How to use the CAD-Models on our homepage

With the help of the CAD-Models on our homepage you can configure and visualize many of our products individually.
In the video we show where you can find the CAD-Models on our homepage and how you can work with them.
We show only a few of the functions that are possible.

Filling 400g cartridge GMG-B

There are many ways to fill a central lubrication system. A cost-effective and fast alternative to large filling pumps is manual filling by means of 400g grease cartridges according to DIN 1284. The presented manual filling device can easily convey greases with NLGI I and NLGI II into the grease reservoir of the pump.

ZSH-D hose installation instructions

There are many ways to assemble a ZSH-D hose. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, we demonstrate in our video how to do it correctly. The functionality and service life of the hose assemblies are ensured in that way.

GMK-A commissioning and modifications

The GMK-A can be equipped with different reservoir systems, outlet combinations and accessories. In this video the commissioning, the modification of the pump and the required tools are explained.

GMK-A feed pump with refillable cartridge

The compact lubrication pump GMK-A with up to 6 outlets is driven by an efficient 24VDC electric motor. The standard built-in function control as well as level monitoring provide feedback on the discharged lubricant quantity and minimum level. In addition, the pump has a standardised grease connector for refilling the cartridge. Other container systems are also available as alternatives.

GMV-B feed pump with DIN cartridge

The compact lubrication pump GMV-B with one outlet is driven either by a pneumatic drive or an electromagnet. The optional built-in function control and level monitoring provide information about the quantity of lubricant discharged and the minimum level. The reservoir can be refilled using a DIN 1284 grease cartridge.

Exchange of pump elements

Our high quality pumps are designed in a way that makes it easy to assemble the spare parts yourself. The video shows a typical spare part of a lubrication pump, the pump element with mushroom head (forced guidance). The required tools are mentioned in the video.

Assembling push-in fittings for hoses correctly

Hoses are increasingly being used as lubrication lines to enable fast installations. The video shows how high-pressure push-in fittings, are correctly assembled and disassembled.

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