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Use our knowledge and expertise to your advantage

WOERNER products are instrumental in significantly lengthening the service life and efficiency of your machines, whilst lowering the input costs appreciably. Exact demand-led metering reduces lubricant usage and thus helps to protect the environment. At WOERNER, we use our knowledge and expertise coupled with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies to develop and produce high-quality lubrication systems.

Virtually all plant and machinery can only operate properly if they are lubricated by a dedicated lubricant supply. WOERNER centralised lubrication systems reliably supply lubricant at precisely defined intervals and in specific quantities to the lubrication points. This minimises wear, lengthens the service life quite considerably and appreciably reduces input costs.

WOERNER designs and manufactures all the necessary components for centralised lubrication systems to the highest possible quality standards – whether as single components, turnkey projects or tailored to your specific needs.

WOERNER products can be found in small systems in machine construction, in larger machines or even in complex plant and machinery. Whether in machining centres, commercial vehicle, paper machines or wind turbines – we also develop the optimum solution to meet your particular needs. Take advantage of our outstanding performance!

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