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GMC-A Chain lubrication system

GMC-A Chain lubrication system

The compact GMC-A chain lubrication system is a complete solution that can be used for almost any chain application.

The pump timing, which is matched to the chain run, makes the system particularly suitable for contactless drip lubrication of chain links.

In conjunction with the appropriate chain lubrication accessories, the oil can also be applied to the chain via contact lubrication, for example via lubrication rollers or chain lubrication pinions.

Features and advantages

All-in-one solution
The GMC-A chain lubrication system combines all the necessary components and offers a high degree of adaptability to chain systems thanks to the wide range of control options and the coordinated accessories and mounting materials.

Control system
The integrated control unit can be used to set and monitor a wide range of system parameters in addition to the time or load-dependent timing of the pump. The control unit also has outputs with intelligent fault evaluation, enabling it to forward information to the higher-level system by means of pulse sequences.

Chain monitoring
By using a chain run initiator, both the number of chain links and the time interval between the chain links can be determined via the control unit. This allows the pump to be precisely timed to the chain run in order to always hit the lubrication point correctly.

Temperature control
The unit has an optional temperature control and heating system to bring the oil to a suitable operating temperature even at colder ambient temperatures.

Fill level monitoring
Various fill level controls with different switching points and switching signals for oil level monitoring.

Function monitoring
Optional function check for monitoring the piston pump.

Drip lubrication
Using a nozzle block with integrated non-return valve and suitable mounting material, the system is particularly suitable as a drip lubrication system in conjunction with chain monitoring.

Indirect lubrication
With the appropriate chain lubrication accessories, the pump unit is also suitable for indirect lubricant application, for example via lubrication rollers, lubrication pinions or lubrication brushes.

Technical data
  • Medium: oil
  • Drive: electric
  • Dosing volume per stroke and outlet in cm³: 0,03
  • Max. delivery pressure in bar: 25
  • Number of outlets: 1 - 4
  • Tank size in l: 2 - 10
  • Temperature range: -10 to +60°C
  • Installation position: vertical
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